We all face moments in our lives when we think that we cannot go any further, when we have given all we can, things seem hopeless and we have no idea of what we should do.  It is at these very moments that God's messengers, His angels are sent to us as our protectors.  What a great comfort and feeling of security we realize as the angels are encamped around each of us prepared to deliver us from dashing our feet against the stones of life.  This fictional short story collection is about people from all walks of life, people who could go no further, who had all but given up, and were not too sure what they should do.  These people were delivered from whatever they were faced with just like Daniel was delivered from the mouth of the lion by an angel of the Lord.

Thank you angels.

Angels' Footprints
"Uplifting! Hits the nail right
on the head!"
Seasons of Death -- The Smoky Mountain Murders, book 1
In 1969 a husband and wife, plus all their animals are murdered on Iron Mountain in eastern Tennessee. Their two young sons managed to escape and the person or persons responsible for the murders were never apprehended.  Decades later, someone decides to get revenge and the murders begin.  Immersed in Smoky Mountain culture, a small town police officer takes on the task of finding the murderer.
In the second book of the Smoky Mountain Murder series, springtime has returned to Townsend, Tennessee along with a sense of relief now that the murderer of four people has been solved. The never ending arrival of visitors and campers to the area is once again in full swing. Without warning there is another murder. Why?
Echoes of Death -- The Smoky Mountain Murders, book 2
In the final book of the Smoky Mountain Murders, Grant Denlinger and the Townsend Police Department are still plagued with unanswered questions and hidden secrets.  When will all of the murders be solved?  When will peace return to the Smoky Mountains?

ShadOWs of Death -- The Smoky Mountain Murders, book 3
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