A riveting story that takes the reader through three generation and three sales. Can possessions ever be more important than family and friends? The characters in this book will be with you long after you read the last page.  Continue with their life's journey in the sequel, Return To Ternberry.

Yard Sale
In the sequel to Yardsale, Everything Must Go, LouJean Bailey once again finds herself enmeshed in the lives of her dearest friend, Anna, and her family.  A heartwarming and amusing story that will tug at your heartstrings and take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Return to Ternberry
Set in New Orleans in the mid-eighteen hundreds, the reader will be drawn into the life of Genevieve Beaumont. Trapped in a loveless marriage, she finds herself drawn to Daniel Evangeline, one of her husband's employees.  To quell her feelings, she maneuvers Daniel into a relationship with Amelia, the tormented caretaker for Daniel's young ward.
Silent Voices
In this novel, written in a unique style, you will meet Mary Elizabeth Vine, her daughter Haille and the Simmons family.  In the early years life is good only to change at a moment's notice by a cholera outbreak or slave uprising. In the middle years the Civil War tears apart the South leaving tragedy and desolation in its path.  You will meet the prostitutes seeking refuge and the black women who were at the mercy of their masters. Strong characters will endear themselves to you and finally, the restoration will begin when everyone attempts to find a new life at Magnolia.
The Women of Magnolia
In the second book of the Smoky Mountain Murder series, springtime has returned to Townsend, Tennessee along with a sense of relief now that the murderer of four people has been solved. The never ending arrival of visitors and campers to the area is once again in full swing. Without warning there is another murder. Why?
Seasons of Death -- The Smoky Mountain Murders, book 1
In 1969 a husband and wife, plus all their animals are murdered on Iron Mountain in eastern Tennessee. Their two young sons managed to escape and the person or persons responsible for the murders were never apprehended.  Decades later, someone decides to get revenge and the murders begin.  Immersed in Smoky Mountain culture, a small town police officer takes on the task of finding the murderer.
Echoes of Death -- The Smoky Mountain Murders, book 2
In the final book of the Smoky Mountain Murders, Grant Denlinger and the Townsend Police Department are still plagued with unanswered questions and hidden secrets.  When will all of the murders be solved?  When will peace return to the Smoky Mountains?

ShadOWs of Death -- The Smoky Mountain Murders, book 3
The Chester County Boys
Meet the Boys, a defunct western band who have been playing  at the Double L Tavern for over fifteen years.  On the run from an abusive relationship, Carly Boone begins singing with the band and they realize they  might  have one last shot at fame. Some of the band members have other ideas as the troupe makes it way from Lubbock, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee.

Bent Creek
Born into poverty, in the heart of Appalachia, Rachael Riley's one desire is to leave Bent Creek and start a new life.  When the mine closes and her family is without an income, Rachael is forced to work for an unsavory character named Nevers Bains to help support her family. A twist of fate lands her in a scheme that will change her life forever.  Filled with page after page of the daily struggles of the Riley family, Bent Creek is a rousing and fast paced read.
Circle of Prey
Written in a unique style, this book explores the lives of two families.  Garrett Ferrell has only one concern, money and power, while Frank Charpelli only wants to earn a decent living for his family. Garrett's son, Elliott, and Frank's son, Michael, meet and become friends.  A friendship that is tested over and over by Garrett's constant quest for power and money.  A big game hunter, Garrett stalks an elephant named Jakuta that he has come face to face with several times. The life of this elephant weaves a circle that the men follow in their own lives.
Welcome to Wapokenetta
Home of the Squatting Woman
Bob was only a temporary visitor in Wapokenetta.  He bought an ice cream cone at Wooster’s Drugstore and sat down on a park bench in the town square to enjoy it.  A few minutes later, he was joined by the patriarch of the town, ninety-seven year old, Whitaker Tate.  After a short conversation, he asked Whitaker a three word question, as he pointed to the bizarre statue of an ancient squatting woman, displayed in the center of the park.  “What is that?”
Little did Bob know that the question would take over a week to answer.  Whitaker decided that Bob should know the story of the statue from the very beginning.  This would involve eighty years of the town’s history and much more information about the residents than Bob cared to know.
Whitaker threw out the bait and Bob took it, hook and all.  They spent every day together as Bob recorded Whitaker’s reminiscences about the Mancuso’s, LaBrada’s and Tucker families.  By the end of the week he not only got his answer about the statue, but created a true friendship with Whitaker.
In this homespun humorous story of life in a small town, Marlene Mitchell has created vivid and memorable characters that come to life though the recollections of Whitaker Tate.
After writing ten successful novels, Marlene has woven together a unique tale of friendship, forgiveness, revenge and redemption in her inimitable witty and amusing way.

"Wish the book could be made into a movie..." -- S. Black -- Amazon review   The
Women of Magnolia

Portrait in Gold
When Kate McGovern reads the journals given to her by her grandmother, her life changes forever.  Written by a distant relative, the fascinating journal tells the story of Katherine Collins during the mid-eighteen hundreds in Ireland. Katherine is a free spirit, but to keep her family from the embarrassment of her indiscretions, she is forced into a loveless marriage.  She must make a new life for herself in a hostile environment.

When the Irish potato famine begins to takes its toll on her family, Katherine's husband makes the decision to leave Ireland and move to America where they become a part of the mass exodus to the California gold fields.

As Kate continues to read the journals, she begins to unravel the mystery of a missing necklace and a small portrait that were a part of her family’s legacy.

Marlene has written a story within a story, a definite page-turner that stays with you long after you read the last page.

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